Palma.—Mac Insular, the company which processes large volume waste on the island, has asked the Council of Majorca that its contract due to end in 2028 be extended another 15 years to 2043, during which time the firm claims it will be able to lower costs by 33 percent.

Other “adjustments”, said Mac Insular yesterday, will need to accompany the extended contract in order to bring down the cost of processing a tonne of waste from 48 to 30 euros.

Mac Insular says that a further system to minimise costs is one whereby people who take out building permits for construction projects or reform work, pay for debris collection and recycling at special sites at the time of taking out their licence.

This measure, claims the company, would prevent people from letting rubble accumulate at the construction site and fly tipping, instead of taking it to authorised sites and paying per tonne of debris. At the moment, just 20 percent of large volume waste which should be processed by Mac Insular reaches the company, just 200'000 tonnes instead of a million.

The idea is being floated across the principal builders' associations on Majorca who are the key generators of construction debris but has had a mixed reception.


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