Palma.—Public Services Councillor, Irene San Gil said yesterday that the ruling Partido Popular (PP) in City Hall is drawing up bylaws designed to provide clear guidelines to both residents and businesses in the City about what can and can't be done in public spaces. Gil said that the policy of the PP is firmly in the court of supporting small businesses to boost their economic activity both in terms of job creation and service to the public. “We are aware that the law has been unclear until now about the extent to which pavements and terraces can be used for businesses,” she said. “In fact some of the legislation dates back to around 1980 so it's evidently not sufficient to respond to the needs of modern businesses, such as adaptation to the recently introduced total smoking ban.

Gil said that there will be a special law enforcement unit patrolling the city to make sure that no illegal use is being made of public spaces. “We've got to be quite strict in making people adhere unilaterally to new bylaws. There will be fines slapped on those who don't but they won't be excessive, between 100 and 3'000 euros depending on the seriousnes of the offence.” The Councillor said that if each business respects its own limitations, there won't be conflict over intrusive noise or unauthorised spread of chairs and tables. “People will need to make sure they have renewed their permits for use of public spaces.”


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