Palma.—A group of ten people from a Community Relations project in the Palma suburb of Son Gotleu have visited the English city of Hull to see for themselves how UK professionals lay the foundations for social harmony in schools there.

The Balearic Ministry for Education, Culture and Universities explained yesterday that the project is part of a European Union initiative entitled “Comenius Regio” and is an attempt to eliminate community strife by teaching children to learn alongside others of different ethnic backgrounds.

The move comes in the wake of riots which took place in Son Gotleu last summer after the accidental death of a Nigerian immigrant which sparked conflict between ethnic groups and the police.

After the riots, which became the focus of national attention, had died, down, Palma's Mayor Mateo Isern and neighbourhood association leaders in Son Gotleu mapped out a community relations and policing programme for the future designed to minimise racial friction.

It was at this stage that professionals from Hull, already part of the EU's Comenius Regio project, were invited to Son Gotleu to introduce the concept of nurturing social harmony in schools.

A return visit was arranged whereby social and education workers in Son Gotleu would have the chance to watch the UK professionals in action at their base in Hull and to take on board their training techniques.

The visitors from Palma were received warmly by local authority officials and school teachers in Hull.
The group later had the opportunity to hold talks with the Chief of Neighbourhood Policing in Hull and Social Services representatives who also use the same techniques in their daily work.

The group from Palma were then invited to visit Infant, Primary and Secondary Schools in Hull and watched first hand how the Comenius Regio professionals applied their social harmony practices to different stages of the education process.

The group can then transfer the same methods to schools in Palma.


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