Palma.—Fepae President, Soledad Sarabia is meeting today with Councillor Joan Pau who has responsibility for the central residential districts of Palma. She will be asking for his help in tackling rising criminality in the suburb of Sa Gerreria and Porta de Sant Antoni.

Sarabia claims that residents are reporting a worrying growth in problems related to prostitution, drug use and street brawls. She believes that more police patrols have become necessary over a wider margin of suburban streets.

Local people in Sa Gerreria are expressing deep concern that prostitution is being practiced in the neighbourhood in daylight hours and that despite the good work by Palma cleaning company Emaya, it has now become commonplace to find syringes and condoms in the street.

Residents are now saying that the already-existing National Police patrols are not sufficient to tackle the problem which has apparently been getting worse over the past two years as the economic crisis deepened. Neighbours, for example, are now accustomed to street drinking parties in Plaza Nova de la Ferreria.

Councillor Pau said yesterday that City Hall has in fact been working for some time to address the growing difficulties but explained that he has now set up a special committee with representation from the Social Services and Equality departments, from Planning Action groups and the local police environmental patrol to address the issue.


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