Palma.—The ruling Partido Popular (PP) on the Council of Majorca joined forces with the Balearic Socialists in opposition to demand that the Balearic government sets a timetable for settling the outstanding 220 million euros subsidies bill.

The Council's meeting yesterday focused on voting through proposals that had already been made in previous debate by all parties, including a Majorcan Socialist/Green Party coalition. All the proposals which had originally been made by the opposition and which were voted through related to financing of the Council of Majorca, funding for local town councils and support for small businesses.

With its majority on the Council of Majorca, the PP were able to push through all their proposals which mostly related to the maintenance of Social Services, but there were also some important issues on road building such as the support the party is giving to converting the main road between Llucmajor and Campos into a dual carriageway, and the construction of a north Inca bypass.

Not all was harmony however at yesterday's Council meeting. The PP voted against the Council having to defend Catalan as a first language for everyone living on Majorca.

Neither were the PP prepared to bend to the coalition in their demand that the Council should not take on any more consultancies or appoint more senior officials to its ranks.


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