Palma.—New legislation is coming into force at the end of April governing the behaviour of cyclists in Palma, the City Council confirmed yesterday.
Last Thursday, notice of the new bylaws was published in the Official Bulletin of the Balearic Islands (BOIB) but fifteen days needs to pass before the final introduction of new rules and regulations.

One of the main features of the norms which need to be respected from the end of the month is that cyclists will be banned from riding on pavements used by pedestrians. Exceptions to the case will be for cyclists aged under 8, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

Fines for ignoring this rule could be as high as 300 euros, warned the City Council, a measure taken to reflect the danger that cyclists pose to pedestrians.

Nevertheless, a Council spokesman said yesterday that there will be some flexibility shown by Local Police during the first few days after the introduction of the new rules, and that in most cases, people will be stopped by officers if they are breaking the law, but more by way of informing them of what cyclists can now do or not do.

However, pedestrians should note that the same legislation also prohibits them from walking along cycle tracks. Failure to respect the norm could see pedestrians fined 60 euros.

Parents should note that it will at the same time be law that children under 8 should wear helmets when cycle riding. The laws were approved by the City Council at the end of last month.


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