Palma.—The Balearic authorities have recently been given the green light to demolish the building should it wish after its listed building grading was overturned.

But, in the meantime, while the building's future hangs in the balance, it has become a magnate for petty criminals, thieves looking for copper and other potentially valuable materials, drug addicts, the homeless and vandals again.

During the day, the Local Police are responsible for security of the site while a private security company takes over at night.
Nevertheless, despite efforts last year to block all the main entrances and erect a ring of steel around the building, people are managing to find a way back into the property and this is only going to fuel the argument for demolishing the building which many claim will clash with the new convention centre and luxury hotel next door once completed.

Police were informed at 7pm on Tuesday evening that three teenagers had apparently smashed their way into the building through a window - although that has yet to be confirmed.

Nevertheless, the three lads were escorted off the premises and taken to the Local Police station while a juvenile magistrate was contacted. One of the teenagers was sporting a rucksack, but police found no stolen goods or items inside and eventually, the parents were informed, as is normal practice.

Police sources said yesterday that over the past five months, the building has been stormed on various occasions by organised gangs of copper thieves and that it has also become a popular spot for drug addicts and dealers.

And, after having all been initially cleared out just over a year ago, scores of homeless and socially marginalised people have crept back into the building which, the police claim, is only adding to the high level of crimes and vandalism being committed inside.


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