Palma.—According to the latest data published yesterday, in comparison to last year, there are now 75 more British residents registered with their town halls in the Balearics taking the total number of Britons officially living in the region to 23'773.

What is more, the average Briton coming to live in the Balearics is getting younger.
According to the statistics, the average age of British residents is 46.6 years old compared with the average German who is over 48 years old.
Needless to say, the Germans are the largest foreign community with 36'727 residents but that is only seven more than last year.
Slow rate of growth
However, it is the Moroccans who have slipped up into second place with a population as strong as 24'165 - 124 more than last year.
Last year, the Balearic population grew by 5'540, an increase of just 0.5 percent and in line with the national average which has posted the slowest rate of population growth in the past decade.

The Balearic population now stands at 1'118'654 and the foreign community is now 242'138 strong (133'614 are from the European Union) which translates into 21.6 percent or one in five - the highest in the country.

But, while the number of European Union residents has increased over the past 12 months, Italians in particular, there appears to be an exodus of South Americans.

Many have been hit very hard by the recession and have been left out of work and, as a result of the outlook continuing to look rather bleak, have decided to cut their losses and return home or move to another European country in search of work.

But most have gone back to their country of origin because Central Government does offer financial aid to those wishing to do so.
As the graphic shows, the Colombian, Argentine and Ecuadorian communities have all shrunk over the past year and that downward trend is expected to continue over the course of this year as Spain's unemployment rate escalates to record levels.


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