The Balearic government yesterday pledged to save the Balearic Symphony Orchestra.
The orchestra's future was thrown into doubt by Palma City Council and the Council of Majorca when the two institutions announced they intend to slash their funding of the orchestra by over 32 and 37 percent respectively.

The Balearic government was going to reduce its funding by ten percent but now, with the orchestra campaigning for its future by performing free weekly concerts in the centre of Palma which have attracted massive support from the general public, the government has decided to step in.

Yesterday, the Minister for Education and Culture, Rafel Bosch, said that the government is going to draw up a financial plan for the orchestra and also look for sponsors who can help increase the budget, which is currently non existent with the orchestra facing bankruptcy.

Bosch said that the orchestra was badly managed by the previous Socialist-led coalition government and that is the principal reason for the orchestra's financial problems.


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