Madrid.—In both cases, the 3.95 percent hike in electricity and that of 2.26 percent in gas reflect an increase in the cost of energy, the Official State Bulletin claimed.

However, government sources said that the part of the bills which relate to metering and supply administration has not altered.
The previous price “revision” which took place in April this year resulted in a 5 percent increase in the cost of natural gas but electricity tariffs went up by 7 percent with a high upturn in metering and administration costs.

In January, there was no increase in electricity bills but gas went up by 0.5 percent.
During this current quarter of the year, the hike in gas bills varies according to the type of contract held by each household or premises. In homes using the so-called “TUR-1” rate where natural gas is used only to heat water, bills are going up by 1.69 percent which works out at 3.95 euros more a year; those households contracting the “TUR-2” rate both for hot water and room heating are going up by 2.16%, or 16.14 euros more a year.

On average, said government sources yesterday, gas bills will go up by 14.89 euros annually. No such information was available for the breakdown of how electricity costs will go up according to type of contract.

Of the 7.2 million customers in Spain using natural gas, 4.7 million are signed up to private company providers whilst 2.5 million are bound by prices regulated by the government, or “TUR.” So far as electricity is concerned the majority subscribe to government regulated prices.

Both in the provision of gas and electricity, invoices are divided into two sectors: the price of energy itself and separately the price of administration and metering. Each sector accounts for roughly half of the bill.

Butane gas
From today, the price of a bottle of butane gas will cost 16.45 euros, a 5.92 percent increase (92 cents) on the previous cost of a bottle, 15.53 euros, Energy Ministry sources in Madrid confirmed yesterday.

The price of butane is revised every three months. The last price hike took place on 1st April.
Prices are based on international energy prices, the cost of import and ways in which the product is commercialised.


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