Cyclists! Ignore the new legislation for bike riding in Palma at your peril. After a trial period, bylaws governing what cyclists can and can't do on roads and pedestrian only areas in the capital came into force definitively yesterday and Local Police are starting to fine those who infringe the law.

Ignorance of the two-wheel code of behaviour is now no excuse for breaking it and whereas over the past two months, officers have given cyclists a warning and only fined repeating offenders, no such chance will be given from now on. For cycling on pavements, fines of between 60 and 300 euros will be incurred. Children 8 year-old and under are allowed on cycles on pavements but only when wearing a helmet and accompanied by an adult (on foot).

Safety for both cyclists and pedestrians has been a prime guiding factor in setting out the text of the new legislation so careering wildly across pedestrian-only areas is now a thing of the past.

However, Palma City Council has responded to proposals from cycle users group “PalmaEnBici” who have come up with some common sense exceptions to the rules.


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