Soller.—The project to widen the so-called “blue” parking areas in Soller town has partly been prompted by the council's need to have a further source of income.

This year, the municipal services company “Soller 2010” will be in charge of managing the parking which is calculated to rake in around 410'000 euros.
Although the driving force behind the project is economic gain, the council is also seizing the chance to restructure parking areas in the town where it is currently difficult to find free spaces.

Income from controlled public parking is currently the most important source of finance for “Soller 2010”. It now wants to broaden its horizons by bringing the underground carparks of La Calatrava and Ca les Animes back into public service. There had been an attempt by the council to sell off the parking spaces to help pay off the credit which had to be asked for the carparks' construction. General bureaucratic bottlenecks have been the source of much of the delay of the new parking project. The parking meters which have already been erected, in theory allow special discounts to residents.

However, they couldn't be used straight away because the council had not approved the necessary bylaws allowing the establishment of privileged tariffs. But “Soller 2010” isn't going to delay further and will proceed with its blue zone extension using current ticket prices. New “blue zones” will include the “Celler” district of Soller, the municipal sports field and adjacent streets. The Sa Calatrava underground carpark will be open at the end of this week.


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