Palma.—The annual coastal cleaning operation is underway but this year it will only continue until the beginning of October and its budget has been cut by 30 percent.

The Balearic Minister for the Environment, Agriculture and Planning, Biel Company made the announcement yesterday.
He explained that a 23-strong fleet of special cleaning vessels will be in service, the same as last year and that the operation will last a total of 87 days as opposed to running until the end of October like it has done previously.

There has, however been a shake up of the distribution of the vessels and Majorca will have three less with two of those being deployed to Ibiza and an extra boat going to Minorca.

The primary aim of the vessels is to remove solid waste from water close to the coast.
And, last year, a total of 35 tons of waste was scooped up by the special vessels, with most of that, 20 tons, collected around the coast of Majorca.
Company said that the service is “fundamental” for the good image of the Balearics while also serving to increase the general public's awareness about making an effort to keep our seas clean. “In particular beach goers and boat owners,” he said.
44 percent of the waste plucked from the sea were plastic items last year while a further 15.7 tons were glass which pose a potential threat to swimmers and beach goers once they make land fall.

Company admitted that some of the waste is washed into Balearic waters by the currents but stressed that it is vital that we all try to keep the Balearics' water as clean as possible.


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