Palma.—And, most of the crimes were committed during the period 2003 to 2007 when Jaume Matas was the Partido Popular President of the Balearics and Maria Antonia Munar was President of the Council of Majorca. Matas is also facing a series of charges.

Munar and Nadal were found guilty of their role in Operation Make Up which involved the misappropriation of 240'000 euros of public money.
Apart from the sentence, Munar has also been ordered to pay a 54'000 euro fine while Nadal was fined 36'000 by the Balearic High Court. She was found guilty of the misappropriation of public funds, perverting the course of justice, administrative fraud and falsifying official documents.

The case centres around the attempted creation of a television station which would be extremely pro the now defunct Majorcan Unionist party.
TV channel
Back in 2004 a number of televisions licenses became available and, according to the court, Munar and Nadal decided to invest sufficient money into a local production company called Video U in order to have total control of the production content. In doing so, it would create a media outlet which would be Majorcan Unionist biased and promote everything the political party and its leaders were doing. However, both Munar and Nadal used front men to do their bidding and purchasing of their stakes in the production company and, on November 22, 2004, Nadal through his middle man, acquired a 25.23 percent stake in Video U while Munar also took hold of a 24.77 percent share.

Apparently, the shares had been bought the day before for 300'000 euros by Munar and Nadal and the cash was handed over in an envelope. According to the prosecution, which wanted Munar to serve an extra year, the money came from a hidden Majorcan Unionist Party account.

A number of other people involved in the case were also found guilty and sentenced to various terms in jail yesterday and they all have five days to appeal the court's ruling.


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