Palma.—Over 20 members of the Local Police and the Guardia Civil were required to restore order in Magalluf in the early hours of yesterday morning after a massive fight broke out after a young British holiday maker was run down in Punta Ballena.

According to police source, the incident at 5.30am was the catalyst to a massive brawl during which a young woman was stabbed along with another male British holiday maker as chaos broke out in the street which was packed with revelers.

Against the back ground noise of screams and shouts, police units stormed into the area and began trying to install some law and order.
The young man hit by the car was rushed to hospital while the two stab victims were also given urgent medical attention.
One of the alleged suspects was arrested in a nearby bar which was still open after eyewitnesses pointed him out to the police.
A group of police entered the bar, ordered that the music be turned off and the lights on.
The suspect was located but again the young British holiday maker tried to escape and apparently violently tried to resist arrest.
The other suspect was also quickly arrested and the two men, both bleeding badly after having apparently been injured during the street fight, were taken to the local police station for questioning.

After the arrests had been made and the area cordoned off, police began questioning eyewitnesses in order to ascertain exactly what happened and what led to the stabbings.

According to police sources yesterday, the causes of the clashes were trivial.
It looks like it was more a case of a clash between two gangs of young men who had been drinking and crossed each others' paths just after the young holiday maker had been run over.

The investigation continues, with police also interested in the statements from the two alleged stab suspects.
Extra police will be on the streets this weekend.


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