Palma.—Last year, Balearic Minister for Agriculture Biel Company said yesterday, production by “Oli de Mallorca” reached 132'642 litres compared to the 21'333 produced in 2002, its first year of business.

Company was speaking at a presentation in Palma celebrating the firm's first decade. He congratulated Josep Oliver the President of the Quality Olive Oil Regulation Board for the “sterling work” undertaken by its 685 producers.

The Minister said that “Oli de Mallorca” had been pioneer in promoting local quality produce on Majorca and had been a key player in getting international recognition for the “homegrown” Balearic fine foods sector, conserving a centuries' old tradition.

When the company's production first started in November of 2002, only 35 percent of its olive oil was of sufficiently high standard to be categorised as a quality product but by last year, that percentage had risen to 56 percent. “The improvement is significant,” said Company, “not just in quality but in sales”.

Now almost 25 percent of the annual production of “Oli de Mallorca” is sold outside the Balearic Islands.
In September, a contest for making tapas dishes with quality olive oil “Oleotapa” will be one of several activities marking the first decade of production of “Oli de Mallorca”.