Palma.—Partido Popular Mayor Simarro slammed the incident as “street violence which has no place in a town like Soller” while fellow politicians across the island expressed their indignation over what happened.

Simarro explained that at 2am he heard a loud explosion and rushed outside to find his BMW parked in front of his front door engulfed in flames. Soller fire fighters were quickly on the scene but there was little they could do bar extinguish the flames which had already totally destroyed his car.

The Guardia Civil and the Local Police immediately cordoned off the area so they could open their investigation.
Within a matter of minutes police established that the vehicle, or parts of it had apparently been doused in a flammable liquid, hence why there was very little the fire fighters could have done to have saved the car, the flames apparently ripped through and engulfed the vehicle within a matter of seconds. That said, fire fighters did manage to prevent the flames catching on other cars parked near by. The Mayor was clearly angry over the attack saying that he can not understand that the situation had reached such extremes.

He said that this is not the first time he had been targeted in the current or previous legislature.
On one occasion someone put silicon in the lock of the veterinary practice where he works so he could not get in.
The parking metres outside his practice were also vandalised which affected his work. “This time they had crossed the red line” he said yesterday.
During the morning, the vehicle was eventually removed to a police pound where the investigation will continue and members of his council and local residents visited him to show their support for the Mayor and his family and express their shock at what had happened.

Simarro later said that the incident was an isolated one and that it has not caused any great social alarm in the town.
No social conflict “In Soller, there is no social conflict, far from it. We've had a great tourist season and there is no cause for any social alarm, but what is for sure is that there is someone who dislikes me although I would not say that I have any enemies,” the Mayor said. “I'm sure that this is the work of somebody who is ill. I am an absolutely normal person and I can only narrow this down to being politically motivated,” he added. “I am sad, surprised and confused and if it had not been for the quick response of the fire fighters, all of my house would have gone up in flames,” he said in a statement.

According to sources close to the Guardia Civil, they do have a lead as to who could have set the Mayor's car on fire and they are confident that an arrest or arrests will be made shortly.