Palma.—As one would expect, the peak three months of the summer season is always the busiest period of the year for the 112 emergency service and this summer was made even more hectic by the spate of forest fires, many of which the police claim were started on purpose and for which three people have already been arrested as investigations into the wild fires continue.

Yesterday, the 112 emergency service centre reported that over the past three months, it fielded a total of 211'405 calls and responded to 36'081 incidents.

Obviously, the majority of those, 27'323, were in Majorca, 6'418 in Ibiza, 1'748 in Minorca and 592 in Formentera.
The busiest month was July during which time the emergency service responded to 12'908 incidents followed by 12'473 in August and 10'700 in June.
The majority of the incidents were medical related, nearly 10'000 while a further 3'228 were either fires, air sea and land rescue missions.
13 '658 citizen security cases and 5'558 were traffic incidents and accidents while 4'297 involved public order offenses.
But, it has been the large number of forest fires over the past three months which really increased the burden on the emergency services. In total the service responded to 489 fire related incidents, 161 of which were forest fires - one of the highest numbers in recent years.

This year, the central 112 emergency service call centre in Marratxi was significantly reformed in order to improve its capability to respond to calls as quickly as possible and the centre is in immediate and constant contact with all of the main emergency services such as fire fighters, the police and hospitals.