Palma.—Balearic environmental group GOB; which strongly opposed the initial construction of Palma's Son Reus Incinerator, yesterday said that the local Partido Popular government's plans to start treating Europe's waste in order to generate extra income from the incinerator is “surreal.” In a statement, GOB accused the government of being totally out of touch with how the rest of the world is treating the problem of waste. “We need to be encouraging companies to reduce waste generation and be working to a ‘zero waste' community but no, we've got the local government planning on turning the island into Europe's rubbish tip by importing waste for treating from across Europe. “It's an insult to society as a whole that all they consider the island fit for is treating rubbish while other services and ways of generating new and extra income are being ignored,” Gob added.

The organisation underlined that a group of companies in the Balearics and Cataluña have created a project called “Businesses towards zero waste” and said that these are the kinds of projects the government should be supporting not turning the island into Europe's rubbish bin.