Palma.—Earlier this week, the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, spoke of the “liquidation funds”, as opposed to “liquidity funds” the government is creating to help bail out regional governments and the Socialists claim that Rajoy meant what he said and that is was not a slip of the tongue. This week, the spokesperson for the Socialists in Congress, Soraya Rodriguez, has been in Palma helping the Balearic Socialist Party prepare for this new term in parliament.

Rodriguez criticised the “rescue” funds claiming that Rajoy is using them as a strategy to politically intervene in regional politics with the end game being the “liquidation” of regional governments.

Francina Armengol, secteray general for the Balearic Socialist Party shares similar concerns to Rodriguez and said that the new parliamentary term is going to be very complicated because of the mess the Partido Popular has made in Madrid and here in Palma. “Over the summer the economic and social situations have got worse and now the Partido Popular wants to use this as an excuse to change the social and economic model of the Balearics. “What the PP is doing is creating more unemployment by granting less aid to the local authorities while it waits for regional governments to get into dire straits and then have to apply for a bail out which then gives central government its excuse to politically intervene,” Armengol said.

What the Socialists want to achieve in this term before Christmas is a new model governing employment, health, education and the service sector in the Balearics which central government will not be able to meddle with.

Armengol is confident that the Balearics will not need a bail out, but, she is worried about what central government's intentions really are.