Palma.—Fire fighters were yesterday evening locked in a battle against a blaze which was raging at a demolition plant off the Son Ferriol roundabout on the outskirts of Palma.

The plant, which is used to store all kinds of materials extracted from demolished properties, in particular wooden girders and beams, caught fire just after 4pm and the high temperatures and the hot wind fueled the blaze.

The flames spread rapidly thorough the area where the wood was stored and, as other materials caught fire, a giant column of smoke which could be seen from across the capital rose up above the dramatic scene.

Fire fighters wearing oxygen equipment were rapidly on the scene, but the flames were fanned quickly by the winds and a helicopter and plane were quickly deployed to water bomb the blaze from the air. As the smoke thickened and the fire began to spread, some lanes of traffic were closed off by the police while nearby residents were briefed by officers in the event of an evacuation being ordered if the blaze got totally out of control.

However, four brigades of fire fighters attended the scene with extra support from special water containers supplied by the EMAYA municipal water board.

For three hours the fire fighters fought against the intense heat of the flames and by 7pm, sources for Palma fire brigade reported that the flames had been extinguished but stressed that the situation was still very delicate due to the expanse of the blaze and the high temperatures.

Hence why fire fighters remained at the scene late yesterday evening continuing to douse the smouldering debris to make sure the fire did not spring to life again.