Palma.—While the new central government delegate to the Balearics, Teresa Palmer, called for tighter penalties for arsonists during an official visit to Ibiza and greater assistance from the general public, fire brigades from all over Majorca were locked in battles against wild fires.

The one which caused the most concern was a fire which broke out in Calvia near a gas bottle storage dump.
The fire devastated 8'000 square metres of scrubland around the gas plant but was quickly extinguished because of its proximity to the gas.
The Calvia fire broke out near the village sports centre just before midday and two aircraft were called in to water bomb the fire from the air while fire fighters battled the blaze on the ground.

Elsewhere, the Ibanat Forestry Commission was fighting a forest fire on an estate along the old road between Sineu and Sa Cabaneta with the support of an aircraft and a helicopter.

And later yesterday afternoon, while the Sa Cabanata blaze continued, a major fire broke out in San Salvador.
Three helicopters, two planes, including a Canadair water bomber and two fire brigades were on the scene battling the blaze yesterday evening.