Palma.—The main unions acting on behalf of members in the Balearic health service are sticking to a strike timetable at Son Espases hospital, despite restrictions imposed by Central Government delegate in the Balearics, Teresa Palmer.

There are demonstrations planned for today, tomorrow and Friday at the hospital over the right of workers to have free parking facilities. Although around 900 spaces have been made available for staff to use free of charge, the figure is not nearly enough and is forcing personnel to engage in complicated shift arrangements with colleagues so that at least two cars can take advantage of a parking spot during a 24-hour period. Last Thursday 16th August, Palmer didn't allow demonstrators to leave the grounds of the hospital, or cross the roundabout as far as Son Pacs as unions had intended.

Aurora Lopez,Health Secretary for the General Workers Union (UGT) said yesterday: “We are going to keep up our schedule of demonstrations because we understand that workers and hospital users have a legitimate right to protest at car parking charges in the hospital.” The Central Government delegate said last Friday that three shifts of two hours had been established for the protests, appealing to the responsibility of participants to respect the rights of hospital users. But the UGT said that it is they who will decide the hours, not the delegate.