Cala Rajada.—Residents or tourists who cause a public nuisance could find themselves falling foul of the new civil behaviour bylaws and having to pay fines of up to 3'000 euros, warned the council yesterday.

The local authority has approved what appear to be drastic measures to crack down on noisy and rowdy conduct which has threatened to erode the quality of life of people living in the area. The stipulations of the new bylaw make it graphically clear how degenerate the behaviour of some visitors had become. It is now illegal to urinate in public or to drink out of glass bottles whilst walking the streets of Cala Rajada. Neither is bathing in public fountains allowed and it is prohibited to wash a vehicle whilst it is parked on public ground such as in a town square.

The law will now come down even more heavily on unlicensed itinerant salesmen and women who wander the beaches and pedestrian areas peddling wares, usually consisting of sunglasses, watches, fruit and clothes. Similarly, offering massages to tourists is forbidden as are distracting street games such as juggling. There are now stricter controls on the sale of alcohol. It is prohibited to sell to minors at any time and to anyone at all after midnight. The consumption of alcohol in public spaces, such as squares and parks is banned.