Inca.—Around 30 people who are being affected by the construction of the North Inca bypass have asked the Council of Majorca not to go ahead with the second phase of the project.

Members of the residents' lobby are being affected by the town council's compulsory purchase orders to make way for the second phase. The route is earmarked to run between the Selva road and the Can Lopez residential complex. “We have two good reasons for approaching the Council of Majorca,” said a lobby spokesman yesterday. “One is financial and the other is based on common sense,” he claimed. “It's expensive to add the second phase kilometre-long extension as well as unnecesssary. Since the south Inca bypass has opened , hardly any vehicles come this way at all. It's best to just keep the bypass within the first phase, finishing as it does alongside the school (pictured),” the lobby insists.

On Friday, the period of time that the Council has allowed for public objections to the road plans comes to an end. The first phase of the north Inca bypass runs from the Ford roundabout to the Selva road.

Meanwhile, the Majorca Socialist/Green Party coalition have asked the Council of Majorca and Inca town council to allow another month for the project to remain out to public scrutiny. PSM spokesman Andreu Caballero said that with many people away on holiday, running the objection period from 19th July to 24th August isn't giving residents a proper chance to examine the project.