Palma.—Concerned at the possibility of vandalism and rising security company costs, construction firm Acciona has started to seal off some doors of the unfinished building on the Paseo Maritimo.

Sebastià Sansó, the President of the company charged with managing the completion and contracting of the conference centre, Palau de Congressos S.A., confirmed yesterday that Acciona had said they were taking these steps because to have a security guard on each door was becoming unacceptably expensive.

Sansó said that the works on the conference centre remain on hold whilst the search goes on for one or more companies prepared to take on the management of the so-called “Congress Palace” and its hotel.

The President of the Balearic Islands, José Ramón Bauzá, has become personally involved in the search for such organisations who would have to be prepared to wait several years before reaping any profit from the venture.

The management contract had originally been put out to tender for the conference centre and hotel jointly, but as no interest was shown, the decision was made to split the bid into two parts.

No agreement has been reached with Acciona over the completion of the building but in October, the three month “truce” between government and builders who are still awaiting payment comes to an end.