Palma.—Over the past few days, the local press here in Majorca have made a number of references to his visit in editorials and nearly all of them have praised the Prime Minister and his family for not only having chosen Majorca for his summer holiday but also for the way in which he and the family mixed with the local residents and foreign tourists.

On the beach
As Bulletin readers would have seen last week, they spent most of their days on the beach in Pollensa playing around like any other family and the prime Minister had no problems with fellow beach goers who wanted a picture on their mobile phones.

Neither did Cameron have any misgivings about posing with the staff of some of the local restaurants he visited in the Port.
Obviously, security, taken care of by a mixture of the Guardia Civil and members of Special Branch, was tight, but they managed to keep their distance and allow the Camerons to enjoy their holidays without being heavy handed, just extremely professional.

The Prime Minister and his wife, Samantha, felt so comfortable in Pollensa that they were often out and about, enjoying a coffee in Pollensa square, lunches along the sea front in the Port and even a round of golf at Pollensa Golf Club one morning.

Despite the fact that the Camerons were staying at a sprawling Majorcan finca near Cala Sant Vicente, the family spent most of the time out and about on the beach in the Port.

It was, however, not all pleasure for the Prime Minister.
He travelled to Majorca with what Downing Street described as a “working office” and they were based in a nearby sea front resort so Cameron could immediately take care of any important business.

It was also reported that he was planning a cabinet reshuffle during his stay on the island - so we will have to wait and see what happens to the coalition government over the next few days to see if that is true or not.

Love for Spain
But, there is no uncertainty about what a great time the Cameron family had.
British government sources have confirmed that the Prime Minister, his wife and the children loved their ten days here in Majorca and are not ruling out coming back.

Over the years, David and Samantha Cameron have made no secret of their love for Spain.
Last year, the Prime Minister took his wife to Granada for her birthday and then later last summer, the family went to Ibiza.
And the President of the Balearics, in a tweet, thanked Cameron for coming and wished him a happy holiday as did the Mayor of Pollensa, Tomeu Cifre, who said he was honoured to have the Camerons in his area.