Palma.—At 15.45 yesterday afternoon, the Bendinat wildfire remained active but according to the Ibanat forestry commission, the situation was “stable” and that during the course of the afternoon , would have been brought under control.

The blaze broke out on Monday just after 2pm and sparked a major alert due to its proximity to properties in the exclusive residential area.
A total of eight water bombers, helicopters and aircraft, were involved in fighting the flames on Monday while on the ground, two Ibanat brigades, fire fighters from the Council of Majorca and the Palma brigades, members of the Civil protection department, the Guardia Civil and National and Local Police all joined forces to battle the blaze which broke out, or was started, in an area of the mountains which was very difficult for ground crews to access.

Air attack
However, the air attack continued until dusk, when the planes and helicopters were forced to pull out, and a team of 25 fire fighters continued to fight the flames throughout the night.

Yesterday morning at first light, aircraft and helicopters were back in the air, water bombing the smoldering embers of the pine forest in order to ensure that the hot winds did not breath fresh life into the fire which, according to Ibanat yesterday afternoon, had destroyed approximately 69 hectares of wood and scrubland.

There are various rumours circulating around Calvia as to who is causing the fires and yesterday the government fired a stern warning to who ever is the culprit that they will face severe penalties when caught.

On Monday evening, the Balearic President Jose Ramon Bauza visited the scene to see the extent of the fire for himself and praise the fire fighters and yesterday, the Minister for the Environment, Biel Company said that the fire was caused intentionally. Fire investigators have already discovered that there were three fires set alight within a matter of metres of each other on Monday.

He explained that, with the situation now stable, the number of fire fighters has been scaled down but teams are on the ground keeping their eyes open.
Real shame
Company said that it is a real shame that many of this year's fires have been intentional and, in the case of the Bendinat blaze, claimed that it was caused by someone “who knew exactly what they were doing.” Bauza is going to push for a change in legislation so tougher penalties are introduced for arsonists as quickly as possible.