Palma.—The nature protection division of the Guardia Civil (Seprona) confirmed yesterday they had arrested 29 year-old Rebeca P.R.
She has been charged with allegedly starting four forest fires in the municipality of Capdepera on two different dates.
The woman has apparently told Seprona officers that on the first occasion, on 13th June this year, she started two forest fires near the lighthouse in Capdepera.

The other two were allegedly started on 24th August in the same area. On all four occasions, serious damage could have been sustained if it had not been for the rapid intervention of all fire fighting teams, including aircraft.

With regard to the motives which the young woman could have had for commiting arson, her declaration before magistrates at Manacor court were unclear.

Experts commenting on the case said that the woman appeared to be “somewhat unbalanced” and would be suffering from an “urge” to start fires.
Officers said that the sites where the blazes had been started were clearly wooded areas and that had flames been allowed to get a foothold, there would have been extensive damaged to natural territory. There would also have been a threat to residential homes in the area and evacuations may have proved necessary.

After being arrested, the young woman was taken to Guardia Civil headquarters in Arta where she was kept in a police cell before appearing in court yesterday.

Close co-operation between Local Police, Guardia Civil and security forces also proved successful on Thursday when two people were arrested at Son Vida for allegedly having begun a forest fire before trying to escape the scene.