Palma.—Abi Vine, one of the many Majorcan victims of the Ponzi scheme said yesterday, when the Bulletin broke the news to her, that she was “delighted.” “I think I can say on behalf of all of the victims, that we are delighted and that justice has prevailed. “Obviously, we would have liked the sentences to have been a bit longer but this is good news and marks the end of a long hard battle which began back in 2009. “But, this is just one battle we have won in part of a big war we are all raging. “To be honest, many of us never thought the case would get this far but some very clever people have worked extremely hard to help us over the past three years and it has not been in vain. “However, it's not all over. “Now we will have to get together and discuss how we can try and recuperate as much of the money we lost through their scheme as possible,” Abi Vine said yesterday. “Getting a conviction was one thing but we also want our money back,” she underlined. Abi would have been in court herself yesterday but the flights were too expensive.

Nevertheless, there was a large number of victims in the packed court room and court sources said they behaved themselves extremely well and were over joyed when the sentences were announced after a three hour hearing.