Palma.—Sales in the restaurateur sector - bars, cafés and restaurants - increased its sales by 2 percent during this period, the Majorcan Small to Medium-sized Business Association (Pimem) and the Balearic Business Association (Caeb) said yesterday.

They added that the cinema industry has also done very well this season with an upturn in sales of 10 percent during the week (from Monday to Friday).
Meanwhile, the vehicle sales sector said that August ended with an upturn in sales of 15%.
This positive outcome breaks the negative trend of the preceding months, although Pimem and Caeb said that the positive results achieved had been dependent on just where in the Islands businesses were located and that success for a whole industry, such as restaurateurs, couldn't be guaranteed throughout the island. However, the upturn in sales has had a direct positive effect on business activity and the maintenance of employment. Juan Salas of the Cinema Association of the Balearics said yesterday: “We have been surprised by the healthy response from the public. Mid week sales were up by 10% in comparison with July and August last year. Caeb and Pimem said although people had been spending less on average, there has been a better turnover of clientele this year.