Palma.—The family of five had only arrived on the island a few days ago and were staying at the Hotel Balmoral in the resort which is extremely popular with British holiday makers.

And yesterday morning they decided to go out for a walk down to the beautiful virgin Cala Antena just yards away from the resort.
The small cala is often used as a short cut from a hotel on one side of the gorge to the main resort and it was down the steps to the beach that eight-year-old Louis and his family descended to enjoy the spectacular view and take some scenic pictures of the rough seas and big waves crashing against the rocks.

Deserted beach
The beach was deserted, it had been raining earlier and the red flag was flying warning people to stay away from the water because of the strong current and high seas.

Just after 11am, little Louis walked down to the platform at the bottom of the steps to apparently have his picture taken by his father George with the waves crashing against the rocks as a back drop.

The young mother and two girls remained further up the stairs, well away from the waves. It was then that all of a sudden a huge wave swept across the platform dragging the eight-year-old, who had no time to react, off into the heavy seas.

Without thinking, his 28-year-old father dived in after his son while mother and little sisters watched from above.
Two eyewitnesses told police how they saw the father desperately treading water and waving his arms screaming and calling for help before disappearing under the water just like his son.

Mother ran for help
The mother ran in search of assistance and a unit from the Local Police's UTC Coastal Patrol from Manacor, the National Police, the Red Cross and an ambulance were on the scene as quickly as possible but, by the time the two bodies had been pulled from the water, there was nothing the paramedics could have done to have saved their lives.

Police sources said yesterday that staff at the British Consulate in Palma are currently sorting out all the paperwork so that the bodies of Louis and his father George can be repatriated as quickly as possible.

They are also looking after the mother and two young daughters who were said to have been extremely distraught.
The family and the bodies are expected to be flown home within a matter of days.
Local residents described the incident as an absolute tragedy.