l Former Majorca residents Richard Pollet above and John Hirst right, were found guilty of an enormous fraud by a British court this week. The two defrauded millions of pounds from local residents. Hirst was sentenced to nine years in prison and Pollet received a six year term. Hirst´s estranged wife received a two year term. The court heard how the couple enjoyed a marriage ceremony in Las Vegas in 2006 before celebrating their wedding with an extravagant party back on the island where many of the unsuspecting investors lived. The victims' cash was also spent on cruises, jewellery, hotel stays and improvements to the couple's villa on the island.

During the trial of Pollett and Linda Hirst the jury was shown footage from the lavish wedding party and Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said it was ‘'sickening'' to see the display of extravagance particularly as some of the investors were guests at the event and being entertained on a grand scale with their dishonestly acquired money.