Palma.—The Anticorruption Prosecutor Pedro Horrach has accused the former President of the Balearics and Spanish Minister for the Environment, Jaume Matas, of bribery and intends to have him tried by jury.

This latest accusation is not part of the Palma Arena corruption case, for which Matas is also being put on trial, and involves the allegedly “irregular” hiring of Matas's wife by a leading hotel chain.

Apparently the owner of the Palma hotel where Matas's wife, Maite Areal, worked told Judge Jose Castro last year that Matas personally asked him to employ his wife.

Ramis did as asked and paid Areal 60'000 euros per year but denies having received anything in exchange.
However, according to Ramis, the agreement was verbal and that Areal acted as a kind of public relations officer for the hotel and for part of the year she was employed, most of it was spent in the States where they had moved. The prosecution wants to know why Matas's wife was still on the pay roll even though she was hardly in Majorca.