Palma.—The recently created Association for Community Spirit in Cala Rajada has again complained about the lack of action being taken by the local council to ensure that local residents and tourists comply with the laws.

According to the association, local residents and shopkeepers are tired of the general lack of control in the resort this summer.
Apparently, many local retailers are opening an hour earlier than usual in order to clean up the mess left over night around their establishments.
But, it is not only the rubbish that is making locals angry, it is also the noise this season.
The association said that they are not against the resort having a lively nightlife but the problem is that some of the discos are not fully sound proofed in accordance with the law and many of the large beer gardens play loud music long into the night.

There is also a need for more police, according to the association.
Apparently, to cover the entire municipality of Capdepera, there are only 36 members of the Local Police.
More action “We want more action from the local authorities and we want them to enforce the law if it is being flaunted,” the association said. “These problems do nothing to help Cala Rajada's image,” the association said, calling on the local community in general, including the hoteliers, to cooperate in installing some law and order in the resort.