Palma.—Forensics were working on two theories, either they drowned or had been crushed against the rocks by the fierce waves and strong currents, but in the end the father and son sadly drowned in Cala Antena.

If the bodies had not been repatriated last night , they will be today but this will not be the end of the matter. The tragic accident in which Louis was swept from the bottom of stone steps down to the little beach by a large wave has prompted calls for the stairs to be closed when the red flag is flying because from where the Selby family was, they would not have seen the sign advising people not to swim, posted on the beach.

The local authorities have yet to comment but access down to the beach on the other side of the bay is also in need of repair.
Back in Hornchurch, Essex, where George and his family lived, the community is still shocked and tributes continued to flood in yesterday.
It was apparently George's first foreign holiday and they had only arrived on the island on Saturday and were out exploring the resort of Calas de Mallorca.

His colleagues at a cash converter in Romford, east London, yesterday said the “hero” father's selfless action was typical.
Kathleen Francis, who worked with Selby at Cash Concepts in Romford, said: “To me he's a hero because he went into the sea after his son, no thought for himself. “The little boy used to come in and want to clean, ‘Can I clean for you Kathy', and spray everything and he used to make us laugh. “It's very hard for all of us because we all loved George. “He wound us up, we just loved him.”