Palma.—During Binissalem Council's first meeting after the summer break on Monday night, the centre right Partido Popular pushed through a motion which frees up rustic land in the area for development.

The aim is to encourage the growth of more agrotourism hotels, vineyards and sports centres.
But, there is one area of concern amongst the opposition, who failed to block the motion, and that is the proposed Son Saletes golf course which would become the island's 27th course if the project gets the green light.

Back in 2010, the local council voted in favour of blocking the golf project, becoming the first Majorcan council to stop a golf course being built on rustic land.

However, now it appears that the PP council wants to make it easier for private investment in the area which, on the back of its growing wine industry, is thriving and becoming a key tourist attraction.

The Mayor of Binissalem, Jeroni Salom, said yesterday that any changes to the legislation will be carried out in total compliance with the Council of Majorca planning laws and that the measures are being taken for the good of the local community and economy.