Madrid.—The Spanish royal household has opened a new web page featuring photographs of the King, the heir to the throne Prince Felipe, and his daughter Princess Leonor.

The unedited photos aim to give an image of continuity to the monarchy and substitute those which were previously on the web site in which the Queen appeared alongside the King with their daughters the Infantas Elena and Cristina. The same former photo included the husband of Cristina Iñaki Urdangarin and Princess Letizia, the wife of Prince Felipe.

The new photo can be seen by logging onto It contains an album of photos which were taken last month in the gardens of the Royal Palace under the title: “Three generations, a common commitment.” All people posing for the new pictures posted on the royal website appear relaxed and smiling. In one of them, Princess Leonor is sitting on her father's lap whilst the King smiles to one side at the pair of them. In another, the three of them are standing up whilst the King has his hands resting on the shoulders of Princess Leonor. The photographs of the king and his heirs are one of the novelties of the new internet website but it also includes a statement from the King in which he reinforces the aim of the Crown to improve communications with all members of the Spanish public.

The web now has a more modern design and enables people to send messages to members of the Royal Family. The web page is available in Castillian, English and other official languages of Spain, Catalan, Basque, Galician and Valencian. The web site also aims to be more informative, giving details of more than 4'500 engagements and activities by the royal family since 2005 when their website was first launched. There is now a library of more than 12'000 photos and the text of 3'100 speeches.

The site has separate links to each of the members of the royal family.