Palma.—The National Police confirmed yesterday that they have broken up a gang of organised criminals who have been targeting innocent people in the street and shops in the centre of Palma.

In total, four women and two men, all of Romanian origin and with connections to the same family, have been arrested so far.
The operation was launched back in July after a wave of robberies was reported in various parts of the capital.
The National Police mounted Operation Grulla which involved units spread out across Palma and began monitoring their activities which involved pick pocketing people in the streets and in shops and also stealing from a number of stores.

The youngest of the suspects is a 19-year-old teenage girl with a criminal history while two of the other women have a record for being in the country without the correct documentation, and for robbery. One of the male suspects also has a criminal record for robbery.

During the operation, which was given the green light to go on Tuesday, two properties were raided in Cala Mayor and 2'520 euros in cash along with 120 Dollars, 125 Pounds, 1'070 Rubbles, two credit cards and a bank book were seized by the police.

Other items such as an I-pad, a digital camera, and I-phone and a collection of children's wear were also confiscated along with various stolen identification cards and passports.

According to the police, it was the four women who were the thieves while one of the men would drive them around town in the getaway car to the targets to be robbed.

The second male suspect was the fence for selling on the stolen items or moving the stolen money.
Police sources said yesterday that investigation is still open and therefore more arrests are not being ruled out over the coming days.