Catalina Soler, Environment councillor on the Council of Majorca wants to stop the rebellion by some Partido Popular Mayors against the importation of European rubbish for treatment at the Son Reus incinerator at Bunyola.

Two Mayors, from Bunyola and Alcudia have already expressed their disagreement with the Council of Majorca's plans to maximise the handling capability of the incinerator which process a total of 700'000 tonnes a year.

Alcudia's Mayor, Coloma Terrassa said yesterday that she wasn't against the import of rubbish to Majorca in principal but claimed that it was completely inappropriate for boatloads to arrive in Alcudia when the municipality was trying to promote its image as a cruise tourist destination.

Meanwhile, and in contrast, Bunyola's Mayor has shown open opposition to the arrival of European waste on Majorca.
To avoid further rebellion in the Partido Popular, Soler is to hold a meeting with municipal representatives and hoteliers to explain in full detail the benefits of the Council of Majorca's proposals.