With reference to your article in today's paper, Thursday 13th September 2012, SPAIN DITHERING, could I comment on two things: Firstly, in relation to the phrase “..that civil servants will not be receiving their Christmas bonus...” civil servants have not yet received their JUNE “BONUS”, if you take into account the reductions they have had in their salary, this is equivalent to their June “bonus”.

Secondly, this word BONUS. This money is neither a bonus nor an “extra pay”. In Spain when you are employed, or receive a pension, you are quoted “per annum”, even if they tell you will earn xxx euros per month, your contract will specify the amount to be paid as yearly, not monthly.

The law requires employers to divide this amount by 14 (although not always adhered to).
Consequently, simple maths tell you that if there are only 12 months in the year, then, obviously, you are either going to be paid 3 months' wages in one certain month, or as it happens, 2 months' wages in June or July and again in December.

As anyone can see, for 6 months you are receiving less than you should, and then this money is given to you as an “extra” or “rebate” at the end of this period, twice a year.

I'm sorry to go ranting on but my point is that people are saying, the press is reporting, the giving up of a “bonus” which doesn't sound too bad, however, this money is actually PART OF THEIR WAGES.

How would people like it if after paying too much income tax, the government then turn around and say that as there is a crisis, they are going to keep it ?

This is exactly what is happening, and I would like the press in general to point this out only too clearly.
I hope you will agree that I have a good point and something should be done about it. Thank you very much. I do like your articles.