Palma.—The Hotel Federation of Majorca met yesterday morning with the Environment Director of the Council of Majorca, Catalina Soler, to express their concern over the decision of the Balearic government to import rubbish from other European countries for incineration at the Son Reus plant in Bunyola.

After the meeting, a spokesman for the Federation said that “since the moment the news of rubbish being sent to Majorca for treatment hit the foreign press, there has been a negative reaction from the key client countries. “Tourism is an industry which is very susceptible to internal and external factors affecting the Islands and a move such as importing rubbish for incineration could impact very negatively on the next few tourist seasons on Majorca,” the spokesman said.

The Federation also suggested to the Environment director that the Council of Majorca launch a hard-hitting press campaign with the media and foreign tour operators to “clean up” the sullied image of the island that the news about the import of foreign rubbish is already projecting.