Palma.—The 20-year-old individual arrested in Soller in the early hours of Monday morning in connection with the torching of a number of parking meters and the Mayor's car, was yesterday ordered to be held on remand in jail with bail denied.

The young man was arrested after a local resident reported seeing a man in a ski mask setting fire to parking meters in the town early on Monday.
After a chase through the town, he was eventually arrested by the Guardia Civil and apparently admitted to having set fire to Mayor Carlos Simarro's car by using petrol and fire starters in the early hours of September 20.

He denied having any involvement with acts of vandalism carried out in the town prior to the day.
But, the judge was not convinced and ordered that he be held on remand and charged with arson.
The 20-year-old also revealed that he did not act alone when setting fire to the mayor's car and that he was accompanied by a minor whose name can not be made public but is also in police custody.

Illegal camera
The security services are, however, still at a loss for the motives behind the actions of the 20-year-old which have left 20 parking meters out of action and the Mayor's of Soller's car destroyed.

The suspect has denied that he is part of any radical political group and claims that he did not intend to set fire to the whole of the Mayor's car.
But, all this is now set against the discovery of an illegally placed second digital image recording device in the town which has been reported to the police.