Palma.—The plan was first muted by the Council of Majorca, which is responsible for the Son Reus incinerator in the municipality of Bunyola on the outskirts of Palma, a few weeks ago and ever since a huge row has broken out over the project.

The opposition and environmentalists have accused the government of turning the island into Europe waste tip and threats have been made to take the proposal to the European Union in order to get in blocked.

Even the mayors of Bunyola, where the waste will be treated, and Alcudia where the rubbish from Ireland, Italy and the UK will arrive by sea, have expressed their opposition to the motion.

Nevertheless, the governing Partido Popular is standing firm with its overall majority and is confident that the first of 100'000 tons will dock in Alcudia early next year.

Apparently, for most of the year, the incinerator is not running at full capacity and can treat another 200'000 tons and that is going to eventually all come from overseas.

According to the government, 350 new jobs will be created by the scheme and as much as 14 million euros per year for the local economy which will also mean that the incineration rates will be frozen.

Socialist MP Cosme Bonet warned the government that their is widespread opposition to the project and reminded Partido Popular MPs of the massive movement their was in the first place when the incinerator was built.

The Hotel Federation of Majorca has also expressed its concerns, claiming it has received emails from its main clients wanting to know information about the plan and what impact it will have on the environment and the island's image.