Palma.—The cost of petrol and diesel is going up across Europe but prices in the Balearics remain some of the dearest on the Continent, according to a study published yesterday.

Spain, after Denmark, is the country of the 27 European Union member states where the cost of 95 octane fuel before tax has reached historic levels, and there is no doubt that prices in the Balearics are the highest in the country, said the National Energy Commission (CNE).

The CNE, which makes its calculations according to European Union petrol company bulletins, reveals that a litre of petrol before tax reached 0.7999 euros last month in Spain, below the 0.819 euros registered in Denmark, but 5 cents above the European Union average of 0.749.

The report includes an analysis of prices per province in which it can be seen that after the Balearics, the dearest prices can be found in Malaga, Huelva, Caceres, Castellon, Granada, Cantabria, Avila, Alicante and Leon.

The cheapest fuel in Spain is found in Huesca, La Rioja, Zaragoza and Alava.