Palma.—Antoni Vallespir, the prior at Lluc monastery, will today meet with the monastery's insurance company to discuss the extent of the damage and how much repairing it is going to cost.

But he claims that the bill could reach as much as two million euros.
And, once the true extent of the damage and the cost have been established, Vallespir will then have to sit down for talks with the Lluc Monastery Foundation to agree upon how they are going to cover the cost.

The area has already been officially declared a disaster zone by the Mayor of Escorca, which should mean that public funds will be made available to help cover the bill and the Balearic President, Jose Ramon Bauza, has also pledged all the local government's help.

Public support
But, a great deal of money has already been received from the general public and Vallespir said yesterday that he is extremely grateful for the support from the public. “We are going through a tough and tiring time but the public are proving a great help. Apart from making donations, many have come to help clean up and repair the damage and that has really helped to keep our spirits up,” he said. “I have never seen anything like it,” the prior said referring to the hurricane force winds which struck in the middle of the night and injured three people. “It was incredible and I hope to never see anything like it again,” he added.
The three people who were injured have all made full recoveries and Vallespir hopes that life at the monastery will return to normal as soon as possible.