Palma.—The chief executive of the Lluc Foundation held an emergency meeting at the monastery yesterday and agreed to make 300'000 euros immediately available to help cover the cost of repairing the extensive damage caused to the building by hurricane force winds in the early hours of last Thursday.

Three people were injured as the freak storm with winds peaking at 149 kilometres per hour battered the historic building and the total repair bill could reach as high as two million euros, as the Bulletin reported yesterday.

Led by the outgoing Bishop of Majorca, Jesus Murgui, who yesterday presided over his final meeting of the chief executive of the foundation, members of the committee inspected the devastation for themselves and the 8'300 square metres of damaged roofs.

One of the clever ideas of helping fund the repairs is that visitors can “adopt” a roof tile and write their name on it in exchange for a donation of just two euros.

The Balearic government has pledged to financially help and the Mayor of Escorca has declared the site and disaster zone which should translate into public funding coming from Madrid to help cover the costs.

The President of the Council of Majorca, Maria Salom, is to launch a campaign encouraging locals to adopt a roof tile and help raise the funds to repair the monastery while independent donations are also being made.