by Jason Moore

I am sure that there must be an easier way to resolve the dispute over our useless green certificate residence permits. Now, it appears that despite plenty of protests from across the country the Spanish government are standing firm. The green certificates are staying. So surely a compromise can be reached. Already the Spanish government have agreed to downsize the permits so that they are “wallet friendly.” It is a step in the right direction. Why not add a photograph as well? Then at least we would have valid identification and we would not need to carry around our passports. It would be a small gesture to the non-Spanish European Union community. The photograph could even be optional. At the moment we are stuck in a crunch situation. The Spanish government is not listening to our complaints and we are being forced to carry around two documents; the green certificate (to show you are a resident) and your passport as identification. This is simply not practical. A single photograph on our residence certificate would solve the problem. If Spain wants to attract more foreign residents then it must make moving here as simple as possible. Okay, thanks to the European Union we no longer need work permits and we have other advantages such as the vote but the residence permit continues to cause controversy. The time has come for a radical rethink. And I would urge the Spanish government to listen to our complaints.