Madrid.— “Not even an autumn with plenty of rain will make up for the shortage,” National Weather Agency (Aemet) spokesman Alejandro Lomas said yesterday.

Lomas said that only the average rainfall for the summer of 1994 was less than the figure for this year. He explained that the particularly dry summer has made the ongoing shortage of rainfall more accute.

At 12th September, the average figure for accumulated rainfall from the previous 1st October stood at 400 litres per square metre, 37 percent less than the average level for this period.

The Aemet report detailed the geographic distribution of rainfall over the last quarter and confirmed that the only places in Spain where there had been more than average rainfall for the period was in the west and south of Galicia. Only the region of Aragon had its normal level of rainfall whilst the rest of the country was “well below normal.” Lomas said that the areas which had been especially badly hit were the southern part of the mainland, along with the Balearics and the Canary Islands.
In these parts of the country, he said, hardly 25 percent of normal rainfall levels were recorded. The “rainfall year” finishes at the end of September. “The drought won't end,” said Llomas.