Palma.—The accident happened at 6.30am yesterday morning outside Tito's nightclub.
According to investigators, the victim, identified as Carolina R.S. and a friend were crossing the Paseo Maritimo in the direction of the bus stop when the tragedy happened.

The two women were not using a pedestrian crossing and Carolina was suddenly hit by a Toyota Corolla driven by the 31-year-old causing fatal injuries. Paramedics were quickly on the scene but sadly there was nothing they could have done to have saved the young woman.

Meanwhile, the driver carried on until he came to the junction between the Paseo Maritimo and the Avenida Argentina where he crashed into the rear of a vehicle which was stationary waiting at the traffic lights. The accident was not serious, but the Local Police, already on the hunt for the vehicle, were on the scene within minutes and arrested the driver.

It soon transpired that the driver had only passed his license recently and was therefore considered a ‘new driver' for which the permitted amount of alcohol in the blood is 0.15. When tested, the 31-year-old's alcohol level was apparently 0.81 and he was subsequently arrested and taken to the Local Police's San Fernando police station where he is being held until he appears before a preliminary hearing today.

Crash investigators spent most of yesterday morning examining the crash scene.